Neuro Landcapes

Since 1999 I have been living with an unnamed neurological disease whose symptoms have mimicked progressive multiple sclerosis and left me isolated and unable to walk since that year. Its neurological nature in my life has ripped me away from family and friends. And a lesion on my brain waiting for surgery is temporal lobe epilepsy running concurrent. It is the hardest thing I have ever endured, the physical pain, numbness and disability which is constant, and electrical shocks in my brain that comes and wipes away memory and alters reality as if it were a mirage.

A Visual Diary Of Seizures


The Selfish Tornado

Work on paper. Graphite on paper

'Seized' are drawings created during seizures, they are my very intimate, personal and visual diary as I experience the pain, noise, body movement and stress of seizures. During my career I have used the visual to give voice to what lays below, seizures have been no different. In abstract lines and accompanying words I map the path of my seizures, because as soon as they arrive in force to overtake every sense and being, they have departed as fast as they came, leaving behind only fragmented memory of the wreckage they caused between their coming and their going.



Falling Sky

Oil and Copper on Irish Linen

© Denise Evans. 2017