Rusted photographic self-portraits are preserved within sheets of tempered glass and suspended between floor and ceiling. The darkness from the self-portraits and decay between the sheets of glass, act as a mirror to the viewer standing before a piece. Preservation asks the viewer to look beyond their own reflection, to adjust their focus and witness the decay beyond. Preservation exhibits there is beauty and value in the paths destruction takes and the scarring left behind.


Suspended photographic self-portrait

On the left: photographic self-portrait as seen from the front and on the right the back of the same piece

Detail of encrusted rust on self-portrait

Rusted self-portrait photographs held between sheets of tempered glass, suspended between floor and ceiling with wire ropes and yachting fittings


Suspended glass piece (see below).


Front and back, of the suspended piece above.

One of the thirteen self-portraits encrusted with rust, the decay to such an extreme the photographic paper severed.


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