24th January. Seizure #4

The Selfish Tornado

Work on paper. Graphite on Paper

An Electrical Storm

Round and round and

round and round it goes.


It's an electrical concert,

it should be a thing of beauty,

not a thing of pain


6th February

Two dimensional drawings of a three dimensional space

Drawings in this gallery map two months of seizures, graphite lines trace pain in my brain as each seizure occurred. Wave after wave of electrical activity took me into landscapes of war and noise, tiny explosions going off faster than was possible by time. Seizures wiping clean my memory so the next day I could not remember the day before. Fear rising when the rumble came, the precursor of noise which could bring me closer to the floor, vertigo causing my brain to sway back and forth and round and round as if I were at sea, with tidal waves of stress on the pinnacle of crashing and taking me down. These drawings are the visual tracing of an interior domain created by electrical shocks going off in my brain.



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