Drawing the Beginning to Everything – Take One.

It’s appropriate I begin with a discipline I am most passionate about as every artwork or conception of an idea begins with my passion: drawing.

I approach drawing in a way which has always been second nature to me,  my lines are drawn from within me and they have to flow to a surface which can capture all I am needing to express.

Lines which are strong, deep and passionate cannot be drawn on a surface as delicate and as fragile as tissue paper: my lines would tear (and I would tear). Likewise my lines which are gentle and slow and just taking their time on a slow walk to become, would lose their way on the high ridges and deep valleys of Arches 640gsm watercolor paper.

Each landscape of a drawing for me is unique it cannot be replicated not even by me. Lines have a speed, they have a depth and they have a width that is truly and sincerely only theirs: they have a fingerprint…..

Drawing the beginning to everything – Take One.

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