shadow woman


Let me tell you of the Invisible Man,
Who makes no shadow
wherever he stands


No shadow falling
In the morning dew.
No shadow given
When the moon is blue.

Yes, I hear you say
But it is really true!


Now let me tell you of who I am,
Shadow Walker at your command
Trying to survive this barren man.


He will tell you he loves you,
And you will believe his damning lies.
He will degrade you as he fucks you,
Whilst you are crying for tender eyes.


He will beat at your emotions
Trample on your soul
He will banish you for loving him
Whilst he punishes
And strangles his own feminine.


He is Twisted and he is Dead
But he’ll tell you –
You’re the one fucked up in the head.
Severing your dreams
And your soft creative voice.


He will fuck you up
Leaving you believing
You have no other choice.


He is Invisible.
And you will never discover
The extent of all his dreadful lies.


He will cheat and beat at your emotions
Until you reach the day you uncover
You have no more tears left to cry.


Your pain becomes your numbing
Searching for who he is
Your pain becomes your living
Just pleading for him to give.


All the strengths you thought you had
The nature your soul he thought he had
All those days are behind you now
Like a dream you wished you never had.


Singing to be free
Chanting to release the chains
Yes, love is binding
But certainly not
To his rancid and horrid chains.


Begin your life anew
When your body is so tired
You know it is all you can do
To rediscover your soul.
Which has been a longtime lost to you


You still believe in life to give you energy
When now you feel you have none.


Ah, my little sweetness




So that you may come.