The Artist

About The Artist

Denise is a fine artist from London. She studied at the Byam Shaw School of Fine Art in Kensington, London and achieved her PhD at the world renowned Slade School of Fine Arts, at the University College London, England in 1990. Her works have gained her awards for excellence and been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Oxford England. She moved to the United States 1997.

At the heart of her work is a concern for the internal, giving visual language for the psyche of the soul. Never shying about from the autobiographical instead using it as a well to draw from. Without question the strength of her drawing is exceptional and is a foundation to her art and expression. Even when her work spills over into words her creative voice remains true and they do not go unnoticed as the art critic Tony Godrey wrote:

“This is an extraordinary piece of work. It is one of the best attempts to provide an equivalent to different levels of experience – verbal and visual, confessional, anecdotal and speculative – I have read.”

This retrospective represents over 30 years of her works and the periods the artist has traveled.