Between Two Worlds

IN THE MIDDLE OF THERE AND HEREOil Painting ("23 x 27")

An oil painting spanning more than a decade in making, a painting which began its life in 1999 suspended in limbo until this time late 2017.

The foundation of this work a multi-media landscape painting of an isolated tobacco barn, each slate created using real Weston Burley tobacco leaf, these landscapes are famous for tobacco. I cut each plank of the tobacco barn using tobacco leaf to rebuild the tobacco barn plank by plank. I encased each plank in acrylic to preserve and seal it and then applied each slate to the canvas.
I was using the image of barns in my landscapes during that time, to express a place of sanctuary under sky-scapes that were threatening, barns became used as a place for human respite in this period of pain, numbing, disability and fatigue as the foreboding effect of this illness presented itself at its very beginning.

In late 2017 I was able after a long road to treatment to return to my painting that had been beyond me for so many years, the number I would cry over if I obsessed, instead I moved on without skipping a beat, what lays within is a hiatus from my painting.


‘Between Two Worlds’ bridges the then and the now and the empty void of the years between when I was too sick to paint, a portrait which holds those landscapes within, ‘Between Two Worlds’ unite a subtle sister-piece within a single piece of my work.

The Then is the left of the canvas, also the side my body is mostly inflicted by numbing pains, and the right is the Now of this duality. The Now of the canvas, the mouth and chest bone suggest images of birds in flight and the portraits sits before a cerulean blue sky that could offer hope of expanse.


The left of the canvas in comparison the blue becomes a veil or curtain the portrait sits behind, the clothing to a window of an interior for sure, any suggestion of birds in flight are gone from this side of a landscape internal, words spoken by mouth are gone, and the left eye effected in sight.

Both portraits embody body parts stiff as though set in stone or in tombs and within each one paintings of subtle sunsets with each stone Naples Yellow washes sunlight from an ebbing of the sun in the sky. And both sister-pieces are created on the foundation of 1999.

Oil Painting (“23 x 27”)

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