Seized Bookwork’s

Portraits of a seizure

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2-Dimensional Drawings Of A 3-Dimensional Brain

Book One and Book Two, two books created in graphite and pastel on paper, that charted the journeys seizures travel within the confides of an interior brain. The Books were created during the months of January and February 2017 as seizures continually exploded with only a visual language to express what was happening inside.

A visual documentary of effects on the brain, body, balance, and emotions of relentless uncontrollable seizures. Tracings of 3-dimensional internal pinballs going at speeds unknown to man making their way around and around internally in the brain, some carrying explosions, razor blades, leaving deafening silence behind and memories removed after a seizure subsides but no matter what it took my language of art remained.

As the seizures changed from their oppressing deafening blackness so to did the pencils change from B9, B8 & 5 to H, H2 & 4 graphite hardness expressing the razor-blade cutting of seizures dancing pulsations as the remains from seizures travelled their journey in echoes within the interior of my brain. These drawings are the pinnacle of what it means to visualize in confines a 2-dimentional journey of a 3-dimentional place .

Graphite Pencil Sets

The graphite pencils H-B9 used during the months January & February 2017 in the creation of Seized both two books mapping 2 dimensional drawings of a 3 dimensional space. The Derwent red detail on each pencil tapped over as the red could induce a seizure to occur during that period of my illness.