An Absence Of Light


The Many Colors Of Black

There is no blackness in nature only an absence of light to see color. These paintings use the power of chroma to dim the artists palette and bring more depth and subtly her paintings.

Chromatic Black Reference Board

The use of black on an artists palette is generally constrained to the restrictions of either Ivory Black or Lamp Black. When artists do introduce the subtleties of chroma black to their work, the most common method mixing ‘Burnt Umber + Ultramarine Blue’ to achieve Black. I find this method locks me into a monochromatic painting going from warm grays to cool grays, I want color in my blacks and grays. I wanted to turn the color wheel full circle, so I could use the full spectrum of colors in my work. After research and development I scientifically dimmed the lights to each of the colors I use on my Artists Palette, the image shows the ‘Chroma-Black Reference Board’. I created the board as I was working on mixing and experimenting on each color combination, the board took me weeks to complete but has proven an invaluable cheatsheet I use often. And as you can see in my painting An Absence of Light there is no Absence of Color in black.