Behind The Curtain Its Grey

Isolation is hardest

It’s a fact of life, so it’s better not to look out

I can’t focus on 10 feet away

20 feet away I see my horse that’s not good, I cannot walk

60 yards away I see my fence it edges my garden

100 yards away I see my neighbors field I drove a tractor once

2 miles away many trees top the horizon the place the sun goes down

3 miles away I’ve forgotten what’s over there.

The nature and effects of isolation of being housebound are within ‘BEHIND THE CURTAIN (IT’S GREY)’ and it’s sister-piece ‘BEHIND THE CURTAIN (IT’S DARK)’. Both paintings have a Damar glass-like glaze on their surface suggesting the pane of a window and a reflected sky from behind. The viewer stands between the external and the internal. It’s our understanding and empathy that allows us to know the color of the interior which is determined by the condition of the skies behind. Graphic lines pulsating rhythmically, lines which can be monitored on the right machines, those lines are what keeps the woman behind.

Behind The Curtain Its Grey

Oil On Canvas (25″ x 43″)

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