Daubs Of Words


I don’t know how or why it happened and to this day I still do not know where to put a full stop, comma and the use of a semicolon is living wild! And now we can all bathe in the forgiveness of spellcheck, I know I do. As early as I can remember Words became a medium I squeezed onto my artists palette alongside Oil Paint. I was born a Cockney and my early education in the poor part of town (East-End of London) hardly gave me a foundation for grammar, but against everything in my being Words kept spilling out of me and uniting with my artwork so I let it flow without controlling it.


The first use of Words as part of my artwork was in Family Album (1986) where a multimedia autobiographical installation united the needs of Words in my work. At the heart of the work of Family Album (1986) sat a multimedia bookwork Towards An Image Of Myself (1986) which used Words and Visual media to weave the story of my family as I grew up in the East-End of London.

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As time went on it was hard to divorce Words from my work. Blow Away Dreams (1988) a bookwork of etchings printed on Japanese transparent silk tissue paper. The bookwork utilized two etching prints one etching an image, the other etching poetic Words, printed on transparent silk tissue paper, then the individual prints overlaid; became one page united in a handmade bookwork. Blow Away Dreams consists of 16 unique etchings when overlaid bring together 9 pages of a Visually-Poetic book.


I have used Words to express the Unspoken as in my installation work Preservation (1990) that held back the words of imperfection; the scarring on a body shell after the erosion caused from miscarriages.

SEIZED 2-Dimensional Drawings of a 3-Dimensional Brain

Two book-works analyzing in realtime, seizures on their approach. Each drawing visually charts an individual seizure with its unique activity as it builds its intensity in the brain before crashing Boom-Crash-Down and all is lost until the other side.

Seized Book One & Book Two

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I don’t know how Words got onto my artists palette all those years ago but they have remained there in daubs ever since.

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