I’m clearing up my room,
Sweeping the floor.
Tiding it up.



Opening the curtains,
Also the ones behind,
and behind those,
and behind,
and behind.



And then the window.
Feeling the breeze.
Airing my room out.


Filling my lungs.
Enlarging myself.


I’ve said goodbye,
to the darkest haze,
I’ve said goodbye.


Can I believe my ears?
I’ve said goodbye.
Filled my lungs.
Enlarged myself.


I’m claiming myself.
Only for me.
I’m clearing out my room.
Giving myself time.


Clearing each corner,
One by one until I reach four.
Facing each mess head on.
Spring Cleaning my life.



Time of growth.
Replenishment of soul.
The way out of the cold.


The Big Thaw,
And water comes fresh.
Everything new.


A spring-clean,
before summer’s sun,
And winter’s yet to have even begun.


-The Artist . 1999