I witnessed Soul leave my grandmothers Body

All that was left behind was Body –

She was gone and only Flesh remained.


I now witness my Body leaving my Soul

And I am left behind.


My witness to my grandmothers passing

Her loss of Soul in death lures me to believe

That my Soul will continue to exist

Until my Body is finally no more.


I will not ever be sad to be free from this Body

This Body has tormented me

And causes me much pain.


But I am thankful that my Body and Me

Travelled alone to places we did not know we’d See.

We were brave in Landscapes that had no Road.


I loved my Body


?? Pourquoi did you do that to me ??


-The Artist 2014 (Updated 2020)

Image: A picture of my 1983 Jeep (Colorado Joe) in one of the off-off no-roads of Death Valley. I purchased ‘Joe’ from a ‘Discovery’ documentary filmmaker whom I met during one of my travels exploring Death Valley in my hire car from Las Vegas. I came across the gentleman and his set up when I was driving the landscapes alone, he called me brave when I kicked-back and shared his American beer that evening outside his canopied RV.

After the profound awakening of nature within me when I took off blindly to the United States a couple of months before, this time I came back to America from London armed with a 6-month visa to go wherever the nature of my art it drew me towards. It was a carriage I surely lacked. He offered, if I could fly to Aspen, Colorado another place I had never been I could purchase an old Jeep he no longer had use for. I jumped at the chance and at an arranged date he picked me up at the Colorado airport close to where he lived.

My documentary men introduced me to Aspen and my horizons of beautiful hues kept widening. I purchased ‘Joe’ from him and my eyes, my heart and art was now free to expand. I spend six months alone traveling like a tumbleweed as I traveled alone the deserts of California, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado and happenings with people brought me to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri and flights took me to New York and New Jersey the days I prepared to leave.

The summer of 1996 brought me new found Wings and Joe; they changed my life/art and direction forever. At the winter of 1999 as the world celebrated the coming of a new century I felt my body’s ability of movement ebb away and a neurological sickness flow into my body to take me away. As I write these words and it is 2020, 2021 is only days away I have been apart from the world and people for 21 years.