“Life’s good ride it hard”,
My American friend said to me.
But life was hard, and rarely good,
And soft I would always be.


All the knocks and all the pain,
Only reminiscences;
Of what our
live’s in the future
could maybe hope to Contain.


So foreign tongues and accents anew,
Knew all we did not want to see;
How callous and how cruel
Our lovers would always be.


But with each and every pain,
Not never did we see,
All the gold in the sky,
Forever we could see.


And the pain we drank away,
Wishing farewell to the sea.
No tidal waves to plummet us
Into the depths of all the sea.


How we tried to fight the sea,
Until there was nothing left;
Not even of her,
And damned if I could ever be.


Deep inside our souls we lost,
Waiting till the days we’d see,
All the beauty that surrounded us,
In her and in me.


Long horizons cherished up,
Longing memories will always be,
Longing until the day,
We could both be free.


No tender kiss, no lover to miss,
All we are and want to be.
Life’s good ride it hard,
I know it means something to me.