Angel Of Fire

Bravely Won

How the wind does burn my cheeks,

Warming my heart and 

beginning to melt once frozen peaks.



All this around me, oh what glory it is.

Touching my soul, 

is Natures Kiss.

The buttons are gone from my dress.

I sit naked, alone, and without any stress.



It is not I who roars loathsome calls.

It is not I tainted and used.

Oh what love, oh what joy,

To know I do not love the boy!



All that I am, he could never see.

All that I will be, he will never see.



So secretively, 

I cherish my soul.

Love all people, 

as it’s all I know.



He is blackness, 

But never night.

Night is filled with blessings, 

twinkling for sight.



The darkness he has, 

Is way beyond this world.

Further than, I ever care to know,

Further than, I would even care to go.



So let festering reside elsewhere.

Let bitter tongues become but spare.



Close my ears to traffic noise.

He is such a hateful man, 

Nothing but a boy.



Reclamation of me, 

It is done.

my soul is mine,

and if I may say; 

Bravely Won.