Second fiddle

how sweetly she plays

But you’re one

who will never hear

You drown her acoustics

By all that you fear



How she longs to take her place

Centre stage beside her mage

There to love and guide her

within her music ears



My lonely nights filled with stars

Midnight sky with a moon burning blue

Oh let me listen to all your hues.



Daylight heavens beckon

With space all unknown

Right there above me

Way beyond the skies softest blues



Rise me above all this human mess

Take me to the land my dreams know the best

Where all is at one and natures calls

Yes all of them answered by me and us all



So little soul come from your place of rest


For it is you I need the very best

Show me the way and teach me to be strong

All is anger and I want all of it gone



Only you open my heart

No lovers call to smother my all

With you I can be totally alone

Never forsaken

My life truly grown



Gather your wings of golden bows

Spread them they are not broken vows

With each feather spread in the wind

Lift my body so I shall forever spin



On all that is natural and all that is dear

My heart and my soul plead “Lend me your ears”

I will listen but I am a fool

It is hard to distinguish between man and his tool



Break each compartment each basement that contains

Break me free from love’s eternal pain



All alone in countries unknown

All alone with my soul



Something inside tells me this is to be

The love of my horses captured not free

So what little freedom my animals enjoy

They enjoy it with me

And I am along way from shore



I ask and I ask

Oh what is right?

My love life’s a mess

But my animals are within my sight

What lessons do they hold that I do not know?

What teaching do they have to ease the pain in my soul?



My countrymen and my family too

think I have changed that all of me is new

I say to them only in silent tongue

Because the only one who heard me

Is now dead and done



It was always me but I lived without expressive eyes

I lived with a yearning for enormous skies

where I could live in nature

and see with my eyes



The power of nature

Reminds you of death

The gentleness of nature

Tries listens to you with baited breath



So Sun falls hot on my cheeks

Tempts me with winter that could melt every peak

Bring me rain and yes, even tornadoes too!

Life is for living

Without lovers, it does appear true!

No one alive could know how I feel

No one alive could show me what’s new



There’s not a man to teach me

There’s not a man to heal me too

They are forsaken

Their lives in a mess

To know me at all

They can merely guess