It’s my life that’s endangered, 

a wild spirit a man wants extinct.

I hear the cars whizz by on the highway,

I hear the bullet head my way.


Is it premonition?

Or is it self-survival thankfully intact?

A man wants me dead for money,

And now that’s what I lack.


I can’t express my feelings, 

I can’t make you feel the same.

It’s horrific and its chilling,

to know your life 

will never be the same.


My heart sinks way down, 

Each time I arrive at my home.

Not knowing what will happen,

Will I survive and reign the throne?


I am in an American movie, 

this surely can’t be real,

You’re worth more dead, 

in a few nifty financial deals.


I can’t make you, 

or the world understand

what I have endured.

It’s enough to say, 

I’m hungry for life, 

and all of its just rewards.


I gather my strength, 

although I feel none.

I muster my energy, 

when all my life seems done.


There’s an horizon, 

there’s love in the mist.

Till then,

I am my only lover, 

how can I go amiss?