Invisible Woman

Oil on Irish Linen With Earth Pigments, Iron And Copper Powders (42" x 36")

Invisible Woman was about the emotions we endure below our reality surface; those emotional depths we endure alone.

Once again in my work the reference to emotional waters appears. This time as dribbles of oil paint, dribbles of different earth pigments and iron, then dribbled copper powders that parade themselves as faint shimmers of glints of gold.

The Invisible Woman’s head remembers our natural instinct to survive all of life’s battles, her head penetrates the sunlight which reminds us of our tried and tested wisdoms. Her head knows she must also use reality to heal what lays below.

My use of the naked form is also part of the truth I seek within my work. Naked we are vulnerable and unmasked. Invisible Woman’s naked form exposes the contortions we feel within, but mask in our reality.