Mine Heart

Oil on Irish Linen, with mica flakes, gold leaf, copper leaf, gold pigments

Mine Hearts nurturing wings are created upon a surface of lies exposed. The fake gold pigment I used for the background has been exposed for what it truly is – copper and the background is awash with verdigris.

Again in my work the evidence of the sea exists as the liquid of the chemical I use to expose fake gold is allowed to makes its own path down the canvas, and in its path it leaves evidence of water that once flowed, and also uncovers in its wake the truth.

The nurturing wings are built upon this surface of lies exposed, and the wings are heavily sculpted with mica flakes which reflect back sparkles of light, and highlights of pure gold – gold something which is precious and unchanging, and within my work represents for me truth.

Within the wings that nurture, is a heart of pearl and mica flakes that also sparkle.

This work is about surviving lies with a heart stronger and not weaker, and more precious than devalued.