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Oil on Canvas (36″ x 48″)



The sister pieces are created to be displayed on their appropriate walls, the east wall where days come (As The Sun Rises) and the west wall where days fade away (As The Sun Sets). Time echoing in the paintings its cycle of days that follow nights and of years that come and go. Days symbolized by the sun setting and rising and the years that come and pass by the flight of geese flying north in the summer and south in the winter.

Again my work touches the imagery of reflections in glass on windows of an interior and exterior within one piece of work. A viewer is able to see the figure within the interior and the reflection behind which in these pieces are the colors of heaven as time rises and falls and acts to set markers to what occurs during the time that endures.

Life happens and there are many reasons our days and nights become anything but blessed. We go through our lives navigating a day and playing all the roles days need us to play, an employee, a wife, a mother or child and for reasons known only to us sunsets are anything but peaceful but they do mark another day we survived. Nights come with their own private demands, at a point in my life nights came with domestic abuse and those nights were long and mornings left me anything but rested and my days demanded I played the roles I played the day before without skipping a beat.

For whatever reason our days and nights and years become troubled, in these works I drew from the disability of the neurological disease which has left me housebound, and from a period in a decline in my illness where I was experiencing up to forty seizures a day most of them occurring as “night-time seizures”.

I used the Adobe Creative Cloud Sketch App on my iPhone to do the preliminary drawing for these works.  I was conceiving them during the nights in bed when I could not sleep and each nodding-off only wrenched me back to reality by body shattering seizures. During the minutes I was not in seizure I held my iPhone with a greater grasp as in the smaller seizures the muscles in my hands would quickly release and I would drop whatever I held. Each drawing I made I used my thumb which gave me greater stability between my thoughts and the tool I used to execute my ideas. The concentration and sheer toil on keeping the flow of my lines gave each line more meaning by the effort it represented just to be born and the truth of those lines I kept within my paintings.

I never knew in those nights if I would ever reach a time when I would be able to give life to my preliminary ideas, that time seemed nearing decades behind me but the creative rivers that flow within me needed to document that time and that experience and I did. In my reprieve I have been able to give life to preliminary sketches I created during minutes I was not in seizure and express an idea greater than myself.

– The Artist


as the sun



as the sun



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Dimensions 36 × 48 in

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