Heal Me


“Heal me”

“I’m injured”

“Encompass me in your warmth.”

“I’m Injured my mind is all fraught”

“It hurts, it hurts on every level I’ve ever known”

“It bleeding hurts”

“Ah you say admit your pain.”

“Easy for you.”

“I fall into refrain”

“How can I give into this, a blatant assault on the life I’m still intending to live?”

“Ah the little bleeder, bleeding my soul, starving me of energy to relax none enough to bath in gold.”

“Yeah!! This is a rotter it really is”

“You’ve got to laugh or else you’d cry, you really do, when oh so many things all go wrong for you.”

“You’ve got to laugh, or else you’d cry you really should, when oh so many things you endure become nothing more than comical.”

“You’ve got to laugh or else you’d cry,  I can’t think of any better wisdom given that’s been enough to get me by and now I share that wisdom given with you.”

24 July 2005

(During the months and years that tossed and turned in bedrest and home confinement)